Fairy forrest

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wow...new year and it's been soo long since I made a post here. So much to write...but where to start? Hmmmm...
Snow. Did I say snow? It's finally melting and I have crocus on my lawn...means the fluke will be in soon and cod should be biting. I long for green!

Ok so my muse has been on hiatus for a bit. There's been too much seriousness around here...she does not put up with that.
This is a painting by Jennifer Lester...of who I am a fan, that depicts her as I imagine...

Anyway...I have started playing with the Chan Lau style of leather bracelet's...ya know ladder stitch. I'm calling my line Synchronicity and each will have a name. I've been noticing connections lately and how things, people & animals work together...sometimes by chance. The word, synchronicity by wiki definition is "is the experience of two or more events, that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner."
Life is ever changing...we can not stop this. I've always searched for meaning and in the past two years life has changed so much for me. I'm both grateful and sad. Grateful for who has been in my life and grateful for the new people as well. I have hope this trend is only exponential. Much like this ladder bracelet
This one is on rubber tubing...vegan friendly and is called the Good Red Road

This one I experimented with bigger 10mm tourmaline...not really a good idea even though I do like this one. The beads tend to pop out of place and it is kinda heavy.

This is my favorite with fluorite barrels and it's on waxed linen...I think she's a sexy beast.
This was fun to do and I see myself doing more. Especially because of the interest it stirred :) More to follow...especially with my new store to open, ChicRustique.etsy.com. SO... back to work!


  1. LOVE what you're doing, Dre! Your muse is back...if you happen to see mine wandering around up there, send her back!!! (She's been VERY lazy lately...I feel abandoned!)
    Great stuff, Sweet Pea!

  2. Thanks Roxanne! So I'm not the only one eh? If I see her I send her down your way! It's warmer down there anyway! XOXO