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Monday, January 30, 2012

Ever get stuck in a rut...

Ever get stuck in a rut and can't seem to unravel yourself until it hit's you square in the face...
Like walking through a spider web with a hairy spider in it~ 
That's what January has been like...moving on to February. 

On that note I happen to have had a lot of run ins with the arachnid type. Every time they appear ironically I am inspired. I learned how to make these cool beaded spiders from a great group I'm in. I put my own spin on it and have sold or given as gifts almost everyone I've made. Finally kept one for me...an itty bitty blue I call Celestial...she hangs on my plant in my front window. 
Some of my creations

Been going thru a patch. Winter does that I guess. But this seems the winter that never was. The weather has been very weird? Not complaining! Last winter I shoveled enough snow for maybe 3 winters.
Ok...so back to spiders. Their are a few Spider Woman Goddess beliefs among Native American tribes. One involves a Shamanic hallucination dance involving peyote and costumes.  
Here's some info:
 Spider Woman’s themes are magical charms and growth.  Her symbols are spiders and woven items.  Spider Woman appears in the myths of the south-western Native Americans as a resourceful helper who spins magical charms and each person’s fate. No matter what problems or
obstacles you face, Spider Woman creates the right network of energy to put you on the road toward accomplishment.

In metaphysical traditions, all life is seen as a network within which each individual is one strand. Spider Woman reveals the power and purpose of each strand psychically and keeps you aware of those important connections in your life. To augment this, get a Native American dream catcher, which looks like a web, and hang it over your bed so Spider Woman can reveal her lessons while you sleep. Or, carry a woven item with you today. It will strengthen your relationship with this ancient helpmate and extend positive energy for success in all you do.

 Spider Woman, creator and weaver of life, is the great teacher, protector and Mother of all creation to many south-western Native American cultures. She manifests as a sacred guardian, overseeing the welfare of all those in need. 

Well I'll forgo the drugs (since I'm already a little loopy) and get my "spidey" on with tunes and masks.


  1. OMG Dre how beautiful are those!! I must aquire a green one from you ! Send me the paypal link and I will get it ordered~